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Longboards must be a minimum of 9 ft. in length.

Contestants under 14, boards must be a minimum of 3 feet over the competitor’s head.

1.  A horn will sound to start your heat, and a green flag will be raised to signal the start

of the heat. You will be able to see it from the water. In order to have your waves scored,

you MUST be where the judges can see you. Stay in front of the judges.

You will have 15 minutes to catch no more than 5 waves. Your score will be the sum of

the best 3 out of 5 waves.

In the finals, the heats will last for 20 minutes and you can catch no more than 7 waves.

Your score will be the sum of the best 3 out of 7 waves.

If you catch more than the allowable amount of waves in any heat your highest scoring

wave is forfeited, leaving you only 2 scoring waves .


2. When there are 5 minutes left in your heat, a horn will sound and a yellow flag will be raised.


3. At the end of the heat, you will hear a horn sound and see the green flag for the next heat. That means your heat is over and you should paddle in. DO NOT stand up on your board before your heat begins or after the next heat begins or that wave will count as a scored wave and you will receive a "0".


4. You will be scored on your best three waves of each heat in which your surf. Scoring begins when your hands leave the rails of your board. Rides are scored on a scale of 0-10.


5. Scores reflect the length of ride, skill and style. Scorable maneuvers are: turns, cutbacks, board trim, coasters, floaters, sideslips, stalls, tube rides, nose rides, soup (whitewater) control. When performed with control and to completion, "tricks" can be scored. "Tricks" are: spinners, coffins, head stands, fin first takeoffs, etc.


6. Right-of-way: If two contestants stand up at the same time, the person in front of and closest to the peak has possession of the wave, the person farthest from the peak must exit the wave. If a person takes off in front of or behind the person already standing in front of and closest to the peak, and continues to surf in front of or behind that person, they will be declared a drop-in and the wave will be scored a "0". and counted. You may, however, split the peak with one rider going left and the other going right.


7. Surfing Interference: Surfing interference occurs when a contestant has a negative impact on another contestant's wave. If you are called for interference, that wave will be scored a "0". and counted. If you feel you have interfered, or have been interfered with, listen for a call form the P.A. If you have been interfered with, you will be allowed an additional wave.


8. Results will be posted on the heat-sheet board and read over the loud speaker. Listen carefully! 
Do not hang around or disturb the tabulators or judges at any time.
 Contestant scores will not be provided.


9. Observe Heats Progression Board for advance placement.

10. If you advance, check the heat-sheet board again to see when you surf your next heat


11. Sportsmanship: All participants must adhere to good sportsmanship throughout the event. If you argue with a judge's decision, use profanity, fight, or become overly aggressive, you will be disqualified. This will be strictly enforced. The idea is to have fun and not take things too seriously. Help your fellow surfers to have a great time surfing with you.


12. These rules are subject to change prior to the event. If this is the case, you will receive a copy of the new rules prior to the event.



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